Posted On : July 20, 2022

With the help of FHIS Holiday Membership Marvel at the monsoon in Saputara Gujarat

The tiny town of South Gujarat's Dang district is unique because it has the advantage of being the state's only hill station. It also serves as a stark contrast to the plain countryside of Rann of Kutch, which dominates the landscape that dominates the geography of Gujarat, which lies at the opposite end of the state borders. Because it's located right next to the borders with Maharashtra, the state's largest, it typically receives people from the state as well. Naturally, you'd expect these conditions to create an over-crowded destination struggling to overcome the difficulties posed by over-tourism. However, Saputara seems to have been spared the fate of the famous hill towns in other parts of the country like Shimla, Ooty, and Darjeeling. 


Saputara is fortunate to have tourists in sufficient quantities to ensure that there are facilities like accommodations and restaurants in place but not enough that the tourist attractions around the town are packed with camera-shy tourists. The prices for everything from food and hotel accommodations are prohibitive.


Although the weather is generally pleasant all year round, particularly in the hot Indian summers, it is an opportunity for those seeking to escape the plains. In the time of rain, Saputara takes on a completely different appearance. Saputara's Sahyadris flower is in full force, and lush vegetation covers the hills in a lush layer of green. In many locations, the streams and springs that are usually tiny swell with rainwater, forming waterfalls and creeks, some forming water crossings along roads that connect to the town and around.


It's among the ideal locations to get a glimpse into the customs, practices, culture, art forms, and lifestyle of the tribes. If you're interested in gaining a thorough understanding of the ways of life of the locals, go to The Gandharvapur Artisan Village. There, not only will you learn about the process involved in making stunning traditional crafts, but you will also attend workshops to learn how to make your own. Also, while you create your masterpieces to cherish the beautiful memories they bring, do not be a fool to buy an art piece from a professional artist for your own home and gifts for your friends and family members.


If it's safe to travel, you can plan an excursion to Saputara. The days you'll spend here will enjoy thrilling hikes, taking marvelous glimpses of indigenous culture, and reconnecting with the natural world. If you can make it to the area in the middle of the monsoon, which is in full swing, the beautiful landscape will surely make your trip unforgettable.

For family members: Saputara offers up a fantastic mix of activities. The elders within the family will love the tranquil boat trips on the lake and insights into the indigenous culture. At the same time, youngsters will enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and paragliding to play with.


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