Posted On : November 05, 2020

why shall i choose fortune holidays inn & suites

If you frequently go on holiday, there are so many benefits of the FHIS holiday ownership program that you should realize while preparing your getaways in the future. Here are a couple of the significant advantages of our holiday ownership program.

1.Quality Holidays Guaranteed Every time

If you need a set week, floating week, point-based, or partially sharing time, our holiday ownership program guarantees you a wonderful holiday, depending on your necessary arrangement. You will never have to worry if you can afford a luxury holiday every year, when you have already paid in advance on the budget and are a few clicks away from scheduling your hotel and other travel needs.

2. Greater Value & Affordability than booking single Holiday Every Year

In general, planning a one-off holiday is affected by numerous things, including the time of year, the desirable quality of your accommodation and how often you can book your holiday in advance. Those everyday worries vanish with our holiday ownership program. Instead of thinking over price inflows, you only pay the membership fee and use any luxury resorts & hotels throughout the year.

3. Our Holiday Ownership Program Gives Freedom to Choose You Love

There are millions of luxury hotels & resorts worldwide, so you can pick just what you want. You will rest assured that all the services you need are waiting for you every time. If you choose a brand you know and trust, you will never have to think about the quality of your stay at any resort in our network.

4. No More Wasting of Time Searching for Quality Hotels & Resorts

The simplicity of our holiday ownership program makes it quick & clear to schedule your entire holiday. You know precisely when and where you will be on holiday every year as our platinum member. All you have to do is contact your hotel, confirm your booking and then book the remaining trip needs. No need to look for the best deal — you've got the best deal right in front of you.

5.Our On Site Facilities Cloud the Traditional Hotel 

Our holiday ownership program delivers guests not only more significant, upgraded, and sophisticated accommodations with facilities such as fully equipped kitchens and in-house washing machines and dryers, but also on-site facilities. Our resorts have many additional advantages: a wide range of bathrooms, children's clubs, full-service spas, numerous restaurants and bars, regular and weekly events, wellness facilities, and many more.


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6.Access to Luxury Properties Round the Globe

We value our members for many reasons as the diversity of our properties worldwide and our members' opportunity to swap their holidays in many diverse destinations is one of the most prominent ones. For example, Lemon Tree and Four Points by Sheraton have hundreds of properties and versatile internal swap opportunities that allow them to extend their holiday horizons while enjoying all the comforts they expect from their brand.

7.Many Luxurious Brands Have Introduced More Versatile Holiday Club Services

With people's requirements changing over the years, luxury hotels & resorts brands have flexibility in their services. Many clubs have timeshares that can give members options for their holidays such as banking or credit cards, take several reduced tours instead of a more extended holiday, use points for on-site rewards or holiday events, and more.

8. We Frequently Affiliate To Ensure An External Exchange Network


Suppose there isn’t enough time-share ownership for internal exchanges. In that case, many resorts have unique external time-share exchange programs, such as RCI and Interval International, with thousands of partner resorts worldwide. Owners can buy an affordable annual membership, deposit time-sharing weeks/points, and trade in any of the comparable holidays in the database of the Program.

9.Couldn’t Use! No Problem! Rent it Out Or Gift It to Someone

If you couldn't use your membership for a year, you can rent out for another interested holidaymaker more often than not. The lease of a timeshare helps cover a householder's annual maintenance costs to have little or no cash loss.





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