Posted On : August 09, 2022

Things to do in Ooty This Holiday Season!

Misty hills, glittering rivers, deep jungles, and the most idyllic weather...the southern topography of India has it all. The beautiful locations to visit near Ooty are perfect examples of the most scenic sites in the South. While Ooty is a lovely location in its own right, with rolling tea estates, cloud-kissed hills, and lush vegetation, these sites nearby will not disappoint. These locations go unnoticed while being just as lovely and exciting as Ooty! So, the next time you plan a vacation to the famous south Indian places, include these delightful spots in your itinerary!

Coonoor, located at an elevation of 1,930 metres, is quickly becoming one of the top excellent tourist destinations in Tamil Nadu. It provides a panoramic view of the Nilgiri Hills and Catherine Falls, making it a perfect hotspot for people whose hearts are in the hills! Furthermore, when travelling from Coonoor to Ooty, one may ride a train that travels regularly and displays some of the neighbouring scenery.

Wayanad is a dreamlike hill station in Kerala, surrounded by the gorgeous Western Ghats, steep peaks, and sparkling crystal-clear lakes. It is home to lush forests and steep valleys, which contribute to this paradise's allure! This tiny bit of heaven, only a 6-hour journey from Bangalore, provides an exquisite weekend holiday destination for visitors and one of the most intriguing destinations around Bangalore to visit in December within a 300-kilometre radius.
This coffee plantation utopia requires no introduction. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular and stunningly beautiful hill stations near Bangalore, enticing visitors with its lush green forests, finely groomed coffee plantations, meandering roads, rocky terrains, manicured gardens, and isolated backwaters that lend it a magical allure. Coorg has deservedly earned its position on the list of the most beautiful locations in December near Bangalore, thanks to its pleasant weather all year and magnificent vistas of picture-perfect coffee farms.
It's Karnataka's largest district, and it is known for its unique cultural history and awe-inspiring landmarks. Apart from having some of the most impressive palaces in India, this city is also a significant producer of natural products such as high-quality silk, incense, and sandalwood. Mysore's Ashtanga Yoga attracts many visitors from various regions of India and other world areas. Given the abundance of reasons to visit this magnificent city, would you plan a vacation to one of the most beautiful destinations surrounding Bangalore in December?
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