Posted On : July 02, 2022

Places Where People Live the Longest Recommended By FHIS

5 Places Where People Live the Longest Recommended By FHIS

Living a long, healthy life is undoubtedly something to strive for. Who wouldn't like to spend a few more decades with their family, some priceless extra time with friends, or explore the world while in their golden years, marking off a few more places?

Living into your 80s, 90s, and perhaps even a century is becoming more frequent, albeit most of it is hereditary. The United Nations anticipates an eightfold increase in centenarians by 2050. How might you determine whether your chances of reaching 100 are higher or lower? To find out if you live in a Blue Zone, check your zip code.

The term "Blue Zones," first used by researcher Dan Buettner, refers to regions with the oldest and healthiest populations on earth. Buettner claims there are five locations where it's easier to locate people who are easily 80, 90, or above 100 years old. Here's a brief description of each and why it's probable that they individually contain the key to extending life.

Sardinia, Italy

In 2004, Buettner and his crew discovered the first Blue Zone—Sardinia. According to the Blue Zones website, researchers discovered a "unique genetic quirk" that many of its residents possessed, which they attributed to the population's remarkably long life expectancy. However, the residents of the place are distinctive in other ways besides genetics. According to the website, Sardinian residents still lead very active lifestyles and still hunt, fish, and gather most of their food locally. Most people in the neighbourhood follow a heart-healthy diet that includes whole-grain bread, legumes, fruits, garden veggies, and mastic oil. Importantly, "They joke together and sip wine."

Okinawa, Japan

According to Blue Zones, Okinawans are fortunate enough to have much lower incidences of cancer, heart disease, and dementia than Americans. Strong social relationships and a strong sense of purpose are further factors that contribute to the longevity of these people. According to the website, "older Okinawans can easily express why they wake up in the morning." Their lives are filled with meaning, which gives them distinct responsibilities and a sense of need even as they approach 100. Additionally, the majority of the locals prefer a plant-based diet.

Nicoya, Costa Rica

Everyone should adopt the Costa Rican proverb "Pura vida," which means "pure existence." The people here have benefited from this desire to live cheerfully every day and have been rewarded with a few additional years of good health. Again, it comes down to having close family ties, having a goal to work for every day, and, you guessed it, eating healthily. According to Blue Zones, one of the most reliable methods to lengthen your life is to eat fewer calories. "The early evening meal is a small dinner for Nicoyans. The "three sisters" of agriculture—squash, corn, and beans—were a prominent part of the traditional Mesoamerican diet consumed by Nicoyan centenarians for most of their life."

Ikaria, Greece

The Greek island of Ikaria has fewer than 10,000 inhabitants, but they are healthy. They are nearly free of dementia and chronic diseases, according to Blue Zones. Furthermore, one in every three residents here lives into their 90s. How? Researchers attribute this to their social-centric culture, activity levels, diet, and love of a good glass of wine. "They enjoy strong red wine, late-night domino games, and a relaxed way of life that defies time. Clean air, warm breezes, and rugged terrain entice them to pursue an active lifestyle outside, "According to the Blue Zones website.

Loma Linda, California

Though Southern California is a pleasant place for everyone, the Seventh-day Adventists in Loma Linda appear to have it better than most. According to Blue Zones, they live a decade longer than the average person, which could be attributed to their strict vegetarian diets and love of exercise. It could also be due to their desire to help others. "Like many faiths, the Seventh-day Adventist Church encourages and provides opportunities for its members to volunteer," Blue Zones explains, adding that it helps them stay active, "find a sense of purpose, and stave off depression by focusing on helping others."
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